The Woospeak Approach. The most flexible in the marketplace.

Knowing there are as many different needs as there are learners Woospeak has developed a global approach where the learner is the focal point of the learning system.

We adapt our training programs to serve the needs of your employees, guaranteeing 100% made-to-measure solutions that are 100% results-oriented.

You build your own package to meet your needs, by combining various elements of our many different methods.

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Des formations sur-mesure par Woospeak centre de formation anglais

Woospeak’s Trainings - quantifiable, with results guaranteed.

Woospeak qualité
  • Specialized programs for language learning and office automation skills
  • Premium, quality resources tailored 100% to the learner’s specific level
  • Grading tests with equivalencies matching the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and progress evaluations
  • Training programs centered on excelling on Proficiency Exams (that gauge the learner’s level)
  • Training tailored to your needs and based on your goals
  • Trainings eligible for the CPF (compte personnel de formation)

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Woospeak solutions, guaranteed results.

  • Language training and office skills training given by seasoned experts
  • Conceived and tailored for all levels
  • Continuous monitoring of the learner’s progress (initial assessment session with interview, progress report, final evaluation)
  • State-of-the-art videotraining platform and support tools, sessions in real-time
  • Dedicated managerial monitoring platform to help you streamline administration tasks and perform a qualitative analysis of each training

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Woospeak qualité